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We are regular network of high-tech companies to click on ads to make money online. Objective three years listed. One-time investment, dividend dividend day, forever! Dividend income is increasing every day! Each account daily maximum static bonus of $200.Every team to layer $31000 .everyday!

Investment to obtain the basic bonus points, and extra double bonus points. You will get 2 times the bonus points. Daily dividend income is the total number of 4/1000, including dividends 50% day can mention now, another 50% to your point. As long as you point 30 ads, your bonus points will increase every day, your profit will increase every day!

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- Save your ID and don't remember it.

Registered in English or pinyin. Registration information can not be modified, please carefully check.

2, Login to your ID to setting your account:

- Read the company's notice.

- Scroll down to the bottom of the web page, click "I know, Go to the target page!".

- Creat a safety password (remember save it).

3, Enter the " account details ":

- Download forms: W-9 (for USA members), W-8BEN, W-8ECI (for non - USA members), Distributor Agreement, 48hours a refund agreement.

- Finish all form as guide, then upload all forms and International Identity Card (or Passport).

- Wait a short time for commpany check, approved.

-  After  the completion of the audit can click on " start surfing ".

4, The free membership click 100 ads per day, every day to get 200 points. Integral can exchange award.

5, Investment members  buy bonus points, ( $1000, or $3000, or $6000 or $9000, extra fee. The basic points the more you buy extra points, give you more! Your bonus income also more every day, your points faster growth, earn money every day more! ) Of course, you must  use the bank telegraphic transfer remittance to the account.

you can send money to the company's   American  account, 

or the company's Hongkong account.

Please indicate remitter’s company ID number and upload remittance receipt to our company when making remittance. 

(by bank transfer to the account of the company members, can directly transfer to the company account, and remittance information in your ID state, and then to the company's customer service to remittance voucher screenshots or photos to the company customer service mailbox. After the audit, the company will put the money in your ID, you can see the available cash in the account details, you can click to buy products.)

6, Product purchase, remember to set the continued to pay monthly fees, generally used for balance, so, we can not pay the extra money themselves, can be used directly on the bonus money continued to pay monthly fees.

7, investment member, click 30 ads every day, so you can get the bonus, not enough advertising not dividends. Of course, you can also click on the 100. You can obtain the integral, integral can exchange award.

8, Drawing. We are regular company, free of charge to members of the international investment bank card payment. You need to upload your documents, and returns. The United States citizens upload W9. outside of the United States need to upload the W8BEN. after the completion of the audit, the company will put the bank card free mail to your home.

9, customer support. Every day we have to provide online Q & a special service for the global membership, ( such as modifying the data. ) Every member can give the company's customer service to write or telephone consultation.

At present the company issuing subsidiary is primitive, the price is very cheap, you invest in, can write to the company customer service for the purchase quantity, and then purchase with bank telegraphic transfer. This is voluntary.

10, start the extra points is a time limit, due to deduct points was presented. But the basic points and the accumulated points not buckle. Of course, if you recommend three people, so the extra points will not buckle. So, we are of their own after the investment, then recommend three people, so our bonus points will only increase.

11, if everyone recommend three or more people, then your level will rise, your team performance bonuses will also increase. You can download bonus plan in the company's Web site, when you reach a level, you will enjoy the infinite generation of team performance 1%. You will soon become a million dollars a month. And get the company reward cars and villas. Then you can happy to travel around the world, enjoy the rich life!

12, The global Sponsor ID:  476052,   

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